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3 Things I’ve learned from my best friend.

I’ve known my best friend since we were six years old. Legend has it we met because on one faithful first grade day, both of our mothers forgot to pick us up. We both ended up on the play structure. I went up to her and said “Look, it’s a rock!” and pointed at a rock. From that day on, we were sisters.

We’ve been through quite a lot, from first grade onwards. A few things stayed the same, our love for food, habitual picture taking, and self-propelling propellers. We did manage to grow up a lot in the past 14+ years though. If you know anyone for that long, let alone love someone that long, you’re bound to grow the fuck up. She has consistently been the first person I tell things, and one of the few people I really trust. There’s a big difference between a friend and a friend you trust. I used to have lots of ‘friend’ friends, but I think that as I got older, the importance of only having people who I really gave a shit about became more prevalent. I’ve never been the type to need people to feel validated; I kind of pity people who do. I will admit though that my relationship between my best friend and myself is one of, if not, the most important and valuable relationship in my life.

She’s also a fucking genius. Let me lay down some knowledge for you. She spits mad game and always know what to say to me to steer me in the right direction. Since not everyone is as lucky as me to have the best bestie ever, let me help.
"If you can handle a needle stabbing you at 100 times a second, you can take him on."
I’m covered in tattoos. I’ve broken bones. I’m a-okay with physical pain. But boys? I am awful. I’ve called her at 2am bawling my eyes out plenty of times (as you ladies would do with any trusted girlfriend), but this specifically empowered me. I don’t even remember who I was trippin on (oops…) but I’ve gotten cornered and elbowed into things. My bestie is a strong girl. She doesn’t let people walk all over her. She doesn’t take shit from anyone. Sometimes you do need that push of empowerment. You have to put things into perspective. When you date someone, I get that it can feel like life or death. But guess what? It’s not. You’ll be ok. Fuck ‘em all (both senses).
"Winter seems to be a good time to have someone to hold your hand, but you have to let go sometime and its natural to want him, its ok to want him, and knock yourself out with romantic fantasies but he wont live up to your expectations the way he hurt you."
Know when to let go. Most guys are idiots. I’ve clung onto people after they’ve fucked me over, and even if she hasn’t met someone, she’s the type to be incredibly intuitive when it comes to guys. It probably has to do with her being convinced every guy I date sucks, but she does know how to tell me to man up and move on.
"If you’re gonna do anything, make sure you’re ready."
I’m never fucking ready. It’s true though, you have to be in the mindset to do anything. I recently(-ish) moved 300 miles away from home to live in a town where I don’t know a single person. I’ve hopped into relationships not knowing what I wanted. I’ve run into awful circumstances and realized I wanted nothing to do with anyone there. You need to know what you want and how to get it before you make any moves. You also need to be aware of the consequences of your actions. She is incredibly strong and moved across the world at the drop of a hat because of the adventure. She’s gorgeous and fearless. She knows you have to be prepared before you start your journey.

That’s just a taste of how what she’s said has made me grow the fuck up. I’m an adult because of that girl. We’re only 59 days apart, but I look up to her so much. I love you honey!

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