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I miss my stupid boyfriend.

This dudes got me sweating him all day, and I can’t really do anything about it. So Tom lives in the ridge, where I went to college. Ah, college… But anyways, he’s way the fuck down there and I’m way the fuck up here in the bay.

About a week and a half ago, I was supposed to go down for Valentine’s weekend. I told him I was going to be there Friday morning, but secretly flew down on Thursday afternoon, found my way into town, and got smashed with my biddies.

The original plan was to go down, catch up with my girls, then show up on his doorstep when he got home from school at like 9. It was planned down to the fucking minute.

But then I got drunk.

It was like 7, I was stumbling around the bar dancing and playing with my hair, and called him telling him to guess where I was.

Naturally, this infuriated him.

Ok, I can get why he got all pissy, because he thought that I was fucking with him. He thought I was just getting his hopes up that I came down early to surprise him, and that when he went downstairs I wouldn’t be there.

Silly boy.

I told him to come downstairs (the bar is basically pissing distance from his place) and I stood (stumbled) outside waiting for him. He looked terrified, if not a little confused. After that wore off, he picked me up and didn’t let go. I liked it.

I went back to the bar (I drunkenly left all my shit and my friends there) and Tom Tom and I got a little drunk and then we drank some more

I do pretty good sometimes. It almost makes up for me being a dick.

But now that time is over and I’m mulling around doing makeup for rich women and drinking white wine. Because that’s what my life has come to.

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Lazy Sunday


-Spend $20, get $40 worth of food. Go while everyone is at church. Life is good.

-Realize first draft of Shakespeare sonnet essay is due tomorrow. Slowly try to outline essay. Life is slow.

-Feel like I cried out my anxieties for the next week all last night. Realize there are no tears to cry today. Life is good.

-Countdown to coming home, we’re at 17 days. Life is slow.

Daydream about the following:

-Being able to sing like any of those damn kids on glee.

-What I’m going to be when I grow up. *sigh*

-Life after college. *SIGH*

-All the awesome things I’m going to do when I get back to the bay.

-21st Birthday (June 30th!).

-Being rich in 5 years. 

-Love Love Love.

-MAC, Shoes, Cocktail dresses, Growing my hair out, and a phone that works.

Today is pretty decent.

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