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I have big news!

So, I’ve been figuring this out for the past week or two, and I didn’t want to jinx anything, but now my news is OFFICIAL and I can blast it!

I am going to graduate college a semester early.
Hallelujah! Words cannot express how stoked I am! So, you’re just going to have to settle for a quick look back down the road with me.

That’s my dad and me the day I graduated high school in 2008. I was co-captain of the cheer team (4 years strong!), the commissioner of the arts for the second year in a row in student government, was working a job where I pumped out 35 hours a week, and had enough time to dye my hair that horrific shade. Sweet zombie Jesus. What the hell was I thinking? How did I have time for boys? How did we manage to slam a few tall boys and kill a bowl before we had to walk the stage (or in my case, giggle, waddle, and dance)?

This was the night I got my AA. I was scrambling to get my leopard print make up on and my big fake lashes before the ceremony. I saw some shitty movie with my homegirl, then ran home to get all dolled up and to throw my sailor dress on under my cap and gown. I was 19 (19!!!) with a college degree (community college, but whatever, I got that shit DONE!) and could not be happier to be done with community college. I wasn’t involved in community college (um, because it sucked). However, during my first year of community college (aka, the first half) I worked two jobs, opening a retailer from 930-6, then working at a restaurant from 6-1030 five days a week. Yeah, that’s right. Two jobs, school online or two days a week. Balling. That’s how I get shit done. My second year I quit my retail job and just did restaurant work, but I still worked a lot. And yes, I pre-gamed that graduation too. I’d like to think it explains the face I’m making. So there.

So that leads me here. It’s my third year of college (juniors, hollaback!) and after this semester I have 24 units left til I have a diploma in my hand. The plan is to take 2-3 online classes (depending on how burnt out I am from this semester) and then to do 5 in the fall and then peace out of this business. I’m so excited it’s not even funny.

So, the basic idea is that I took 3 1/2 years of college and got myself an AA and will soon have a BA. The bar has been set. Get on my level.

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