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Recap: First Week of Classes!

So this week I started the Spring semester of my Junior year! I’m very excited because I stacked my schedule so that I would have the ideal semester. It’s all making me feel very smug.

I’m taking five classes this semester, and I’ve got a 16 unit course load (with full time being 12 units). So that’s a lot.

Here’s what’s going down this semester:

English 309
This is ‘Introduction to Verse Writing’. That’s right, poetry. I don’t write poetry. I’m not into it. It’s a little self indulgent and most people I have found that call themselves poets are batshit crazy (although, a majority of the ‘poets’ I have met were 15 year old bitches or were in community college… so there’s that). I was initially intimidated by the volume of poems we have to write. I always feel incredibly silly reading my “poetry” aloud, and I feel even more silly trying to make shit rhyme. But after the first class reading, I felt a little bit better. I just have to make it through and elbow my way into Narrative Writing next semester. Knock it out, on to the next one. I’ll be chained to my keyboard for this shit. I just feel like writing about my emotions in an artsy way is just so… lame.
English 436
This is ‘Major Critical Theories’, rumored to be major-wide the absolute hardest class in the entire program. And yeah, it’s required. And yeah, I can’t take any other class to fulfill this requirement. It needs to be this. So, I did my research, out of the four teachers who are teaching the course, I picked the easiest one (who also happens to be the most handsome out of all of them, just sayin’). On our first day he had us watch a clip from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Yeah, I’m cool with this. He does require us to do a blog for the semester, and it appears that it has the most required homework, but that’s whatevs. It’s probably going to be the one I’m sweating the most. We’ll see. I’m nervous.
English 452
‘Seventeenth Century Literature’. Oh yes, it’s on. From what I gather, it’s going to be largely Shakespeare and Milton, which I am really ok with. The professor is hella cool. She’s kind of older, adorable, and hilarious. And there is no homework, one paper, one final. Should be light, fun, and chill. I’m happy here, especially since there’s a random cute white boy in it. Oh, hay.
English 302
‘Introduction to Modern Grammar’. A rumored cakewalk. There is no homework. There are no tests. There are no papers. There are no finals or midterms. 100% of your grade is based on showing up to class and participating in your small groups. Holy shit, I hit the jackpot.
Physics 305
‘The Physics of Music’. Online. I already have a 100% in the class. You get credit for ‘showing up’ to lecture (i.e., signing on to the online site when the teacher lectures) then the rest of your grade is based on experiments (done online) and quizzes (always open book, obvs. And no trick questions). Another rumored cakewalk. I win.

So that’s what’s up. I’m excited. I’m nervous a bit, but I have a few freebie classes, so that should help. Whoohoo! Let’s do this.

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First day of school!

Today was the first day of the semester for me. Oh, and it will be the best one. How do I know this? Yes, I haven’t eaten much except for beer and chocolate all day, but sugar buzz (GET IT?!) aside, this is my schedule:

Verse Writing 2-315
Major Critical Theories 4-645
Verse Writing 2-315
7th Century Literature 4-645
Modern Grammar 7-945
Physics of Music

So, if you are reading that correctly, I only have class three days a week. And NO classes before 2pm. How do I do this, you ask? Being meticulous as shit and lucky as fuck. And swearing a lot.

Anyways, I consider only going to school three days a week with no ass crack of dawn classes a blessing at the CSU level (in community college this was easy, at a real school this takes some major skill).

So, if you couldn’t tell, I am an English major (with a blog? NO WAY!) with a focus on creative writing (hard as it may be to believe). I really don’t lean towards poetry, but I need it to graduate, so I figured I’d get it out of the way. I had my first class today, and my teacher has a reputation for being inspiring, so it should be good. The last time I took a general creative writing class, we did a unit on poetry. Every idiot (yes, it was at a community college) wrote sappy poems about love, getting dumped or cheated on, or being too shy to mack on the object of their desire. I wrote a poem about a shark eating a fish. I’m somewhat resistant to writing poetry. But we’ll see. I’d like to be inspired, especially if it draws out something inside me I didn’t know was there (not like in a drug test kind of way, more in a personal development way).

After my one class, I left and wandered around, did some grocery shopping, some grown up shit (going through my mail, doing the dishes). I just got back to SoCal last night after about five weeks of running around the East Bay. Fuck it was fun. Pictures need to be gone through (to edit out the embarrassing shit) but will be posted soon.

But now that I am back in SoCal, I’m looking around for work. Sadly, the few places I had been eying are not looking or told me that they are overstaffed. There’s a certain kind of pain in being told that I am absolutely qualified and would be an excellent addition to the team, but they cannot afford me. I also filled out a bunch of online applications, but am wildly impatient and keep looking down at my blackberry to zero new e-mails and it’s driving me crazy. Not working makes me antsy. When I was home in the East Bay, I worked at my old restaurant and did a few six day work weeks and it was fucking awesome. And now I am twiddling my thumbs (among other things…) while I wait to be wanted (take that as you will).

I did manage to catch up on downloading my shows (imagine me hunched over going “I need meh stories!”) and songs that have been stuck in my head (it’s been the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible for the past few days straight). I also started Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, which I am devouring (har har har). I’m taking a break just because I don’t want to finish it too fast. It’s just fucking brilliant, and coming from being elbow deep in the restaurant industry, it hits home in a good way.

But that’s what’s going on down in SoCal. Hollatme.

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